Alison Zummo 

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, CMHIMP

(925) 579-4707

Miriam Munzarova
Associate Professional Clinical Counselor, APCC

Miriam would like to help you search for a life with meaning, values, and beauty.  Miriam's passion to search for the answers to her numerous questions, and her desire to find ultimate truth, led to her decision to become a therapist. 

Miriam is a wonderful therapist who provides therapy at a lower rate because she is an Associate Professional Clinical Counselor, APCC.  She focuses on Psychodynamic, Acceptance Committment, and Attachment Therapies. Miriam graduated medical school in the Czech Republic and then went on to receive her Master's in Counseling Psychology at John F. Kennedy University.  

Miriam works with individuals and couples from a variety of ages and ethnic backgrounds.  


You may contact Miriam at 925-265-7906. 

My passion to search for the answers to my numerous questions, my desire to find ultimate truth and to understand the mystery of how to be happy and how to live an authentic and meaningful life, led to my decision to become a therapist. 

MrMMaster's in counseling psychology at John F Kennedy University

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